Basic Policy

"We transform the perspective of security to be a loss prevention function"
At the present time the professional security has become the basic requirements of company, the security is not just additional but has become the spearhead that enable to upgrade the selling value.

The existence of security guard are not only required to be able to counteract the breach and threats physically, but more than that their existence shall able to mitigate any risk or carrying out the function of “Loss Prevention”.

In order to carry out the “Loss Prevention” functions, the security service provider shall have personnel with appropriate capabilities, supported by system and firmly task implementing method and controlled by risk management.

As our core business, security service is carried out based on the security operating policies as the reference standard in providing service to the client. This policy is being the reference in compiling a security plan, making the standard operating procedures and in every security operating stages started from training recruitment, preparation, personnel replacement and utilization of security devices.