"We ensure the integration between competent security personnel and technology devices are suitable with the requirements, architecture and landscape, verified security system, and supported by surrounding community and government bodies..."
In order the task and objectives of security can be accomplished optimally, we apply the following security strategy:

Design Strategy:

Generally, there are 3 approach concepts in developing the security design:
  1. Mechanical Approach, security approach through the utilization of security device and technology such as key, window bar, fencing and gate, key controlling system, surveillance camera and electronic access controlling.
  1. Organizational Approach, focussed on policies and activities of security operation, bodies and security functions, security personnel assignment, rules and law enforcement.
  1. Architectural and Natural Approach, design of building and landscape to ensure that all environments effectively work and also capable to deter the criminals. A room or environment shall be designed to eliminate opportunities for the criminals.
Based on the above approach we will gain the most ideal, effective and efficient security system, those are combination of physical security and non-physical security.
Operation Strategy

Pre-Emptive, is activity in collecting, processing and using information either openly or secretly to create secure situation and order. This activity is early detection to the potential threat and security disturbance against the object by constructing the network as well as empowering the network either from formal sector as well as non-formal sector.

Preventive, is the preventive action against all activities may cause any loss.

Law Enforcement, all actions against the law will be proceed and processed according to the applicable law. It is included the enforcement to the internal regulations of security object in accordance with the authorities and responsibilities.

Process and equipment, are the security standard procedure and all prepared devices for security, control mechanism, procedure and work instruction, report, administration and documentation.