Mission and Value

“Our values are reflected to how our service deliver to you…”


Gaia’s mission is to protect asset and provide a secure environment of client, safeguard their management and their people and maintain their ability to achieve profitable growth.

Corporate Culture Foundation

Gaia’ core values, Integrity – Learning – Persistence – Respect are the foundation for our people to build corporate culture that concern to give the best in delivering services.



All Gaia’ employees have to be honest and trusted as their responsibility to protect client’ security. We don’t compromise in any employee integrity, we will proceed to any disruption of integrity and fall them hard penalty.


Have open mind and ready to accept a change. Gaia’ employee must have a nature to stay learning and developing their self to be great, enrich their self with knowledge and new method, stay hungry and stay foolish to keep learning and improve capability.


Continue performing every duties with persisting, no matter how difficult or many resistance from others, never give up and rise up in every fallen. Gaia’ employees must have unyielding character, persevering in training and study, patient in facing hard condition and challenging situation.


Gaia’ employees must have respectful personality to their co-worker, superior or even to their subordinate and also to every society. Speak gently with courtesy without consider their age or position or rank. Respect of other, listen to other, and keep other dignity.

“Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely, and the likely definite” – Robert Half