Basic Policy

At the present time the professional security has become the basic requirements of company, the security is not just considered as an additional force but rather has become the spearhead that enable us to upgrade the selling value.

To prevent certain unwanted events, to freely explore on running your business, to feel Sacured. our services ensure clients satisfactory and will do our best to fulfill those needs.


The Essential
The existence of security guard are not only required to be able to counteract the breach and threats physically, but more than that their existence shall able to mitigate any risk or carrying out the function of “Loss Prevention”.
Mitigation Needed
In order to carry out the “Loss Prevention” functions, the security service provider shall have personnel with appropriate capabilities, supported by system and firmly task implementing method and controlled by risk management.
Core Business
As our core business, security service is carried out based on the security operating policies as the reference standard in providing service to the client.
This policy is being the reference in compiling a security plan, making the standard operating procedures and in every security operating stages started from training recruitment, preparation, personnel replacement and utilization of security devices.
"We transform the perspective of security to be a loss prevention function"


The objective of basic security policy is to explain the concept of security system and security operation, security planning, controlling system for any security object, and ensure the objective of security operation as loss prevention can be performed perfectly and measurable.


In order the task and objectives of security can be accomplished optimally, we apply the following security strategy:
The 3 Approach Concepts Design Strategy :
#1 Mechanical
Mechanical Approach, security approach through the utilization of security device and technology such as key, window bar, fencing and gate, key controlling system, surveillance camera and electronic access controlling.
#2 Organizational
Organizational Approach, focussed on policies and activities of security operation, bodies and security functions, security personnel assignment, rules and law enforcement.
#3 Architectural and Natural
Architectural and Natural Approach, design of building and landscape to ensure that all environments effectively work and also capable to deter the criminals. A room or environment shall be designed to eliminate opportunities for the criminals.
“We ensure the integration between competent security personnel and technology devices are suitable with the requirements, architecture and landscape, verified security system, and supported by surrounding community and government bodies…”

Implementation And Operation

Based on our basic policy, concept and strategy, we develop the operation controlling system, procedures and operational cycle as describe in the following cycle:

We conduct evaluation periodically to maintain performance of our security operation. The evaluation conducted in the form of Security Review according to arrangement with client. Some substance shall be discussed in the security review are:


2.Review the SOP whether still appropriate with the existing conditions.

3.Complaint and feedback from the client

4.Discuss a new threat, crime, and unsecure condition

Which situation or conditions are undetected at the previous survey

Based on the result and evaluation conducted, we make corrective action plan and fixed procedure as well as other policies, and become reference for improvement.

“The outcome never betrays the process”


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