Chief Executive Officer

       This company is established within the year of where the global economical condition under depression. Those condition become challenging and opportunity for us. We convince that such condition is the best time to forge our institution competiveness and all our resources including our people to be more professional and verified in delivering the best security service to our clients.


Welcoming to global free trade era that eliminated border among countries in doing business. We have to prepare and become the frontier in fortifying local business through increasing capability, expertise and professional attitude of our people beyond the standard, good is not enough for us because we have to be great. Rising up our competitiveness through improvement competency of our human resources is our main focus. Expertise and finesse must be balance with positive manner and attitude. Therefore, we have moral reference that is integrity, learning, persistence and respect to filtering and forming the quality of Gaia people.

What makes Gaia different from other security company?

Under my direction, we PT. Gaia Prima Proteksindo, appreciate, manage and develop our human resource with ethic and professional conduct. We transform the security job into a promising career that during this time working in this field is never been an attractive option.

        This commitment is already proven by spreading of our ex employees as also our protégé to many other company as security manager, chief security, marketing manager, HRD manager and other managerial position, actually most of them started their career from security guard position. This is our pride to be bridge for other people life and career especially for our security people.

       This is our concern to deliver best service in security industry.We believe that to be Gaia’ professional people in security industry will constitute our company competitiveness. Building comprehensively human resources, not just their expertise and finesse but their character through internalization process of our core values. These values are reflected to how our services deliver to clients.

Armandsyah H. Burhan



Armandsyah H. Burhan, CEO

"Our company existence should be a bridge for other people life and career especially for security people..."